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Every day, thousands of Maine students don’t get enough good, nutritious food to eat. Research shows that when kids lack proper nutrition, they’re less able to live up to their full potential in the classroom—and later in life, too, when they join the workforce and raise families of their own.

In 2014, nearly 87,000 kids in Maine—50% of all public school students—lived in “food insecure” households (homes where there is often not enough nutritious food to eat). Federal nutrition programs are in place to provide these much-needed meals, yet enrollment and daily participation rates fall well short of reaching these students. Eligible Maine students are not accessing these programs at a time in their life when nutritious meals are critical to their health and development. The situation places a significant burden on charities and philanthropic programs that are less efficient and effective at providing meals as school nutrition programs.

Maine ranks 18th in the country and #1 in New England for child food insecurity.

Full Plates Full Potential believes it’s possible to increase the number of children enrolled, participating, and consuming nutritious meals available through the safety net of child nutrition and school-based programs, eliminating child hunger in Maine within five years. It’s a challenging goal, and there is much to do, but it can be achieved through a focused strategy and with help from individuals and other public and private organizations throughout the state.

We want to thank you for being involved in the Boothbay Harbor Food+Wine Festival. As the charitable partner of the event we give you pledge to use 100% of funds from the festival to support of implement programs that connect kids in Maine with great meals all year long.

Stay involved with Full Plates Full Potential—and help make a difference in the lives of thousands of Maine children.

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